Why Upgrade to Bamboo Crib Sheets for Babies?

Babies as young as six years sleep for almost 16 to 20 hours a day. They require this amount of sleep for a wholesome physical and mental development. Since they spend the majority of their time lying on the sheets, it is super essential to ensure that the sheets are soft and comfortable. Most of all, it is important that the sheets do not interrupt sleep, either due to heat accumulation or by accelerating allergies. This is where bamboo crib sheets play a critical role.

Bamboo Sheets are Best for Sensitive Skin

Bamboo fibers are made of hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties that ensure any form of allergies do not attack the body. Babies, especially, have super sensitive skin and are easily prone to rashes, skin infection, or any form of allergy. By upgrading to bamboo sheets, you can rest assured that your child will no longer suffer from any disturbance that can ruin their precious sleep!

Baby Cribs have Multiple Layers, Best to Top Off with Bamboo

Baby cribs usually have layers line up, with mattresses, wet sheets, waterproof covers, which is then fitted with crib sheets. These layers can easily trap the heat inside that can keep your baby warm and uncomfortable. Bamboo sheets on the other hand, are highly absorbent and breathable. The pores ensure that the heat seeps through that, thereby keeping the baby cool and undisturbed during their sleep. Similarly, during winters, bamboo sheets are equipped to keep your baby warm. The thermal regulator of bamboo fibers works perfectly throughout the year.

Bamboo Sheets are Durable and Long-lasting

Any clothing for babies requires regular wash to keep them clean. Moreover, children tend to easily dirty everything they touch, sit on, or sleep on. For toddlers who are in bed almost the whole day, they tend to make their sleeping space very messy. Consequently, washing sheets as often can damage the sheets. To overcome this, upgrading to bamboo is the ideal solution. Bamboo fibers are super strong, hence, washing them multiple times will have no damage to the sheet itself and will last you for a long time. This way, you don’t have to spend your savings on baby sheets!